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Why your car needs service!

>>>>Why your car needs service!

Why your car needs service!

Why your car needs service!- cars for hire Uganda

Some people keep wondering why their cars need service! How often should I service my car? Look here, there are several factors affecting the frequency with which you should service self-drive car in Uganda.

  • The number of miles you have driven.
  • How well your vehicle has been maintained during the time of use.
  • The surfaces and quality of roads you travel on.

We as Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd, we recommend this good rule of thumb, we suggest you have your car serviced every time you have driver over12000 miles. Heavy car users, who drive many miles a year, should aim to have at least an interim service time they have driven over 6000 miles.

What is done during a car service?

For the time we have serviced our self-drive car hire Uganda vehicles, they have always checked all the fluid levels, changed the oil and oil filter and lubricated the moving parts of the car. You could choose the best grade for your circumstances and follow the servicing schedule for your vehicle as given by your expert.

How do you know your car needs servicing?

Today modern cars have been manufactured with an in-built computer that displays a warning light often in the image of a spanner that flashes up on your car dashboard showing you that your car has reached its service interval.

If your car doesn’t have this facility, you are always given a date when your expected to do your next service. Ensure you keep it well for record purposes or master the date so you do your next service on time.

Importance of regular servicing

When you regularly service your car, or your cars for hire in Uganda, you increase the safety of your car, its reliability and lifespan as well.

It is also easy to notice the small faults making the chance of breakdown much less likely. Research also shows that cars with full service history have a resale value of up to 26%.

Do you only service your car when going on a long-distance journey or Do you do your service after noticing a funny sound in the car or thick smoke in the exhaust? Some drivers only take their cars for servicing when going on upcountry journeys or longer distances than they normally drive, however waiting to service a car for a long time is risky both for you and your car.

Experts recommend

Just like you have a family or personal medical doctor, your car needs a well-trained mechanic to check and fix it. Proper checking by trained experts ensures a longer engine lifespan and greater fuel economy. It also minimizes breakdown by unforeseen risk. When a vehicle is in motion, it is subjected to several external and internal menaces. Like all machines in motion, cars are exposed to dust, heat, and friction which cause parts to wear out or break due to deterioration, stress and strain. This can be dealt with by servicing the car especially the engine with recommended lubricants by experts.

Machines need to be taken care of giving you a longer life with your car.

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