We are specialist in 4×4 Safari Vans Car Hire, 4×4 Land Cruisers for hire in Uganda Kampala ranging from Uganda Luxury cars for rent, business cars for hire in Uganda Rwanda to budget/cheap cars rentals in Uganda – Self Drive Car Hire Rentals Uganda.

If you are Looking for the ultimate reliable self-drive car hire rentals in Uganda for self-drive Safari holidays, Prime Safaris and Tours is able to offer you commercial economic and luxury self-drive car hire rental services that enable you to drive and explore your Uganda Rwanda African safari in our 4×4 safari land cruisers or 4×4 tour vans. Contact us to book a discounted Cars for hire in Uganda today and have a safari experience of a life time driven by you.

Ultimately, Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd is presently a leading Uganda Rwanda car hire company offering world class Self Drive Car Hire Rentals Uganda for Weekend get away at affordable rates.

Whether you’re looking forward to have a Self-drive holiday in Uganda-the pearl of Africa /Rwanda- the land of thousand hills or planning for a business trip in Uganda, Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd will offer a current quality vehicle at a competitive rate that will exceed your expectations on our Special Offers on self-drive car hire rental Deals and Chauffeur Drivers as we request you to sit back and relax as you enjoy the drive around the Pearl of Africa-Uganda.[/su_quote] [/su_column]

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4x4 SAFARI CARS -Self Drive Car Hire Rentals Uganda
4X4 Safari Land Rovers for hire that you can use for your safari in Uganda’s Parks and Rural countryside based on limited mileage and applies to travel within Uganda.( Terms and conditions apply).

luxury-cars -Self Drive Car Hire Rentals Uganda
Luxury cars for rent/ hire in Uganda Rwanda: We offer luxury car rental for corporate travel and diplomat travel. Our Luxury cars include Benz of all classes, BMW, 4×4 Land Cruisers V8/GX, 4×4 Jeeps, 4×4 Nissan Partrols etc.

safari-vans -Self Drive Car Hire Rentals Uganda
4×4 safari tour vans for hire rent in Uganda Rwanda; We have 4×4 safari vans for hire for groups of eight up to twelve. Make sure to find the class to suit your large group. These have got diesel powered engines and …
saloon-cars -Self Drive Car Hire Rentals Uganda
3 sitter Sedan/Saloon cars for rent/hire in Uganda; Our small car hire range provides economic travel in Uganda for the budget-conscious and Our car hire is based on limited mileage and applies
TX -Self Drive Car Hire Rentals Uganda
Business sedan cars for rent in Uganda Rwanda; Our intermediate cars combine power with space for five adults or small families hence lets you Explore Uganda in comfort which is based on limited mileage and applies

BUSES- Self Drive car hire rentals Uganda
4×4 Buses or 4×4 Minivans / Coasters for hire/rent; Looking for cars that support large group travel. We have minibuses and buses for hire that meet your tastes and budget but Exclusive of fuel.