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How to be a good self drive car driver- car hire Uganda

>>>>How to be a good self drive car driver- car hire Uganda

How to be a good self drive car driver- car hire Uganda

How to be a good self driver car drive- car hire Uganda

Rate yourself if you’re a good or a bad driver!

4×4 Safari Land Cruisers For Hire in UgandaWe as Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd care about your safety on the road. As long as you are a driver, whether on a self driver car hire Uganda,  or personal driving.  There is some etiquette that needs to be practiced as part of your driving skills. This is because these Cars are machines which need to be taken good care of so you can get good performance. Treat your car as your best friend and give proper attention. The returns will be peace of mind and the machine will never ditch you at a time when you need it most.

The most important things to be checked!

It is very important to check where you park and how you park the car! Many people park their car in the garage or parking slot by simply entering in the driving direction, which is bad practice. It may be a convenient option after a long journey or a tiring office day. But the best suggested parking practice is to do a reverse parking always. It won’t consume much of your time to do a reverse parking. Think about the convenience that you get when you would take your car the next morning!

During parking, make sure all the lights are switched off. Ensure you and passengers can easily get out of the car and that there is enough walking or moving space around the car. Once you want to start your car again, have a look around your car. It is important to check all the tires are in good condition and that the air pressure is also of required level. Now the second part is, open the engine bonnet and check for three things, which are very important. Check the oil level by pulling out the engine oil gauge and the power transmission oil gauge. Do check the brake fluid level, radiator water level and battery water level.

Most of the new cars do not need this kind of manual checking. All the reading related to the engine, water lever, oil lever, battery power level, air pressure etc., can be read through dash panel meters. However, it is recommended to do a manual checking if you have bit of time and convenience. Especially make sure that you are checking the engine oil level regularly and radiator water level manually even when there is a dashboard panel display.

Do check the rear boot of your car and make sure that you have the spare wheel and emergency tool kits ready.

This will help you to confirm that the spare wheel is in inflated condition to meet up with any emergency situation. Never try to drive your car without a spare wheel, because you never know what is going to happen while you are driving. Ensure that you have all the registration papers and insurance papers in the car all the time.

If the engine oil level in the car is low then fill it up before you start. Similarly, the battery water level and radiator coolant, brake fluid all need to be filled up till the required level. Other than the above-mentioned facts ensure all the electronic indicators are working properly. For example, make sure that the signal light, brake lights and head lights are all working properly. If the head light, break light and signal lights are not in working condition, check their fuse connection. It is easy to change it by ourselves.

A car with perfect indicator lights, head lights and brake lights are extremely important to save you from impending dangers and it will also save other vehicles around you when in motion.

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