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What Makes a Road Trip in Uganda Memorable!

>>>>What Makes a Road Trip in Uganda Memorable!

What Makes a Road Trip in Uganda Memorable!

Did you know safaris are a million-memory activity many would love to undertake? I conquer with this because as a Uganda tour operator company, we witness big numbers of travellers that come in for Uganda safari tours. ‘All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware’ a quote by Martin Buber. However, if you choose Uganda as your next Africa safari destination, you must first establish a way to best explore it during your tour in Uganda. Could be by road or by air?

6 Ways to Avoid Sleep on Self Drive Safaris – Uganda Safari NewsYes, there are many means of transport in which you have the choice to choose what you can afford, comfortable with or that which fits into your schedule. For Uganda safaris, you can choose to use air transport organized by your Uganda tour planner with the different aircraft in the country or get there by road. Some tourists always opt for flights to distant parks because some safari parks are really distant from the others but here is to why you need to go on a Uganda trip by road for all tourists on a safari in Uganda.

The cost of hiring a 4×4 safari vehicle is definitely cheaper than that of a chartered flight. The popular destinations that tourists opt to go to by flight are Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park.

However, I still prefer to go there by road. On the route to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park by road from Entebbe International Airport, you get the chance to be driven through the bustling capital of Kampala where you get to have a sense of what capital means here. Continuing with your drive you go past several landscapes, see people do their daily activities just beside the road. Just 80km from Kampala, you have the chance to stop at the equator line in Kayabwe. This is the centre point of the world; the equator divides the world into the northern and southern hemisphere. Here you undertake a geographical experience on the forces of the earth like how you lose 3kg when you stand on the equator line and regain them on either side of the line. You will also enjoy a polar water experiment in the two hemispheres that will shock or amaze you. Here you can also have time to view crafts in the shops at the equator as well as take a cup of coffee.

Continuing to the southern hemisphere, you are welcomed by a beautiful peneplain of the Kigezi highlands and the long-horned Ankole cattle. 12k to Mbarara town, you stop at Igongo cultural centre where you have traditional lunch as you taste from the different dishes of western Uganda. You then continue on a drive along with beautiful backdrops on a well-tarmacked road to your Uganda safari accommodation. There’s no better way of getting closer to these beautiful en route stop points and have close views of the people than by road.

On the long hours 12 hours’ drive to Kidepo Valley National Park, if you take the Eastern direction, you have the chance to drive through Kampala city, Mabira forest and the beautiful road to Jinja with sugar and tea plantations on both sides. Towards Jinja town, you cross the newly stayed Source of the Nile Bridge. Here you can stop for a Jinja source of the Nile tour, at the source of the world’s longest river-River Nile before continuing with your drive east. In Kapchorwa district, you visit the Sipi falls which are known as the most beautiful falls in the country. After the Sipi falls hike you can break your journey by spending a night at a preferred lodging facility close. You continue with the drive to the heart of Kidepo National Park going past Moroto town where you can have a Uganda cultural tour to the Karamojong people and discover more on this “untouched” culture.  

Our Drivers

We have two types of drivers so the choice is yours. We have ordinary drivers and driver guides. An ordinary driver will just have the right to drive you to where you want to go however, he must not necessarily know the destination where you are going while our driver guides know almost every corner of East Africa and know the twists and turns of every Uganda safari destination. They too feel a concern for the comfort of our client. Driver guides go-ahead to give lots of information about places than ordinary drivers.

How to make Proper Use of your Car Air ConditioningUgandan drivers are very aggressive especially in Kampala especially during traffic Jam, but you pretty much won’t see any traffic outside of the city. In towns especially Kampala, your vehicle is just centimetres away from other vehicles, traffic laws exist but are ignored by Ugandan drivers. People pass on any side of you especially taxis and boda-bodas (motorbikes). Visitors may not be able or equipped to handle a vehicle in the Ugandan traffic where the biggest vehicle wins.  Self-drive safaris in Uganda are good if you know the character of Ugandans and the roads as well.

All About Our Car Hire Services

Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd offers the most affordable, reliable, mechanically trusted cheap car hire services in Uganda. Our company has a big fleet of comfortable cars available for hire in Uganda. Our fleet ranges from ranging from 4×4 safari vans, Rav 4s, 4×4 Safari Land cruiser, saloon cars, 4×4 Mini-buses, and Coaster Vans.

We offer reliable car rental Uganda services such as chauffeur driven car, airport pickups and drop-offs, self-drive Uganda safaris. We extend our car hire rental services to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania as well. Depending on what our client wishes to have, we can adjust your car rental needs based on your travel plans and budget.

All our car hire Uganda rates are fully inclusive of insurance and local taxes. We have you covered with great rates and outstanding customer service from the time you contact us until the day of delivery. Our services are great for frequent business travellers, sole travellers, vacation travellers, honeymoon travellers, group travellers as well as families. Reserve our best online rates in just 60 seconds with our One-Click booking features. The rate you reserve for your rental car is the rate you pay.

Why Hire a safari Vehicle for your Trip.

If you opt for car hire in Uganda, book your safari vehicle from a trusted safari company like Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd. It will come along with a Uganda safari driver guide who takes you throughout the trip. These guides are fluent in English and in any need for a translator one can always be hired. Their knowledge and professionalism make you’re being at the close view of different features more meaningful because you get to know the little details of your safari Uganda whether you’re on a Uganda gorilla trekking safari or a Uganda wildlife tour; these little additions are what make the trip in Uganda more colourful. Amazingly for courageous travellers, you can opt to go for a self-drive safari in Uganda around the country as long as you hire the right car for your trip during your tour in Uganda.

Why You Must Choose Us?

Our cars are available for car hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be delivered at Entebbe International Airport, in Kampala and other locations in major towns in Uganda. We reserve inspect it and make sure it is in a good mechanical condition on the day of delivery with all the spare parts you need. When our client gets a mechanical problem, we have solutions to every problem, we make sure you are helped.

With our friendly staff ready to help you reserve your car, at affordable rates, we provide probably the most efficient rent-a-car service in Uganda. Get an instant low-cost car hire by simply contacting us.

How do we operate our car hire services?

There is a multitude of choice when it comes to cheap car rental in Kampala Uganda. Our car can be hired depending on hours, daily, weekly, monthly depending on the option that suits you best. We offer holiday car rental in Kampala and beyond, as well as options suitable for weekend and business trips. We professionally advise you on the type of vehicle to hire depending on the place you have planned for your personalized road trip across Uganda. Due to our road conditions outside Kampala, we offer 4×4 safari Landcruisers for hire Uganda, 4×4 safari vans for rent Uganda, 4×4 min vans for hire Uganda, 4×4 jeeps for rent Kampala depending on your choice of selection. Make your booking today and get ready to hit the road as soon as you arrive in Uganda! We deliver our cars to your preferred destination.

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