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4 Safari Cars That You Should Use While On a Uganda Safari Trip

>>>>4 Safari Cars That You Should Use While On a Uganda Safari Trip

4 Safari Cars That You Should Use While On a Uganda Safari Trip

4 Safari Cars That You Should Use While On a Uganda Safari Trip

Are you looking for a safari car for hire in Uganda to use for your upcoming Uganda safari to trip to any for the several safaris in Uganda destination sites around the country?  Prime safaris gives is here to ensure that you have a safari car that perfectly suits all your needs in a Uganda safari tour vehicle as it has various different safari vehicles that are designed to give you the ultimate Africa safari memories that you need from your Uganda wildlife safari or Uganda gorilla safari.

Here are some of these cars

4×4 safari land cruisers

The 4×4 safari land cruisers for hire Uganda are luxurious cars that come with a wide range of seating capacity ranging from 3 sitter to 5 sitters to 7 sitter land cruisers. these cars are customized with a pop up roof that is aimed to give you enough standing space so that you can have epic views of the magical savanna plains in as you lookout for the finest Africa savanna mammals that are found in many of savanna parks such as Queen Elizabeth National Park , Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park And Lake Mburo National Park that are fully packed with wild mammals such as  lions, African leopards, African bush elephants, cape buffaloes and the rhinos and many other wild mammals you can see include Giraffes, Burchell Zebras, Elands, Topis, Bush Bucks. These cars also come with charging spots comfortable seats, fully functioning air conditioner and a well trained and experienced guide. They also feature free wi-fii internet for you to stay connected with the outside world

4×4 safari vans

The 4×4 safari van for hire in Uganda is a car that is well customized for a group of people such as a family or friends that would wish to explore Uganda together as it comes with 10 well sized and comfortable seats. This car also has a well-functioning air conditioner to enable your control the temperatures within the car regardless of the weather outside the car, charging spots to give chance to charge your gadget batteries as your enjoy your Uganda tour expedition in any part of the country. Free internet wi-fi to help you stay connected as you travel across Uganda on your Uganda safari tour. a well-trained safari guide that helps you put into perspective the various attractions that you might come across during your Uganda safari. A pop up rooftop that comes in handy especially in savanna parks that are filled with numerous wildlife species for you to see on the during your game drive in these parks.

4×4 safari coasters

These 4×4 safari coasters for hire in Uganda are suitable for a group of tourists that are travelling in groups large groups of more than 15 tourists and would like to travel in a single van in order to save costs or for closure. These vans come with between 28 -32 seats hence give you enough space to accommodate. These coasters come with a luggage rack on top to accommodate your excess luggage as well as a changing spot for you to charge your gadgets and a well-experienced driver that will take you wherever your Uganda safari journey requires you to go.

Prado Tx land cruisers

These are more suitably used by clients who are looking for a car to them on a safaris Uganda journey around the country or even on a city tour. these cars have well-cushioned seats air conditioner and come with a professional driver who knows a lot about Uganda’s countryside routes. What separates these cars from the 4×4 safari land cruisers is the lack of a pop up roof since they aren’t customized for Uganda wildlife safari trips but rather long countryside safaris or short trips which don’t involve entering savanna national parks such as Kampala city tours / 1 day Kampala city tour, Jinja city tours/ 1 day Jinja city tour, 1 day Mabamba birding safari.

With any of our safari cars, you can experience a magical gorilla trekking Uganda tour to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. A gorilla safari Uganda rewards you with an hour to gaze at and photograph these magical beings in their natural habitat as they go about their daily rounds. Besides this having an encounter with the gorillas on this gorilla trek safari Uganda you can still engage in a variety of other activities on your gorilla trekking  Uganda safari  and these include birding since these 2 gorilla destinations have numerous bird species which await you on your birding adventure there, nature hikes and a cultural encounter with the Batwa.  Besides the gorillas, Uganda is also home to a wide variety of mammals which include lions, African leopards, African bush elephants, cape buffaloes and the rhinos and many other wild mammals that can be seen on Uganda wildlife safaris to any of the savanna parks

Here is a sample of some the company’s bestselling safari packages

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