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Categories of road signs in Uganda & their meaning! – Uganda safari News

>>>>Categories of road signs in Uganda & their meaning! – Uganda safari News

Categories of road signs in Uganda & their meaning! – Uganda safari News

There is a good number of people that have learned how to drive without going to a driving school so they know little about road signs. Today we would like to explore the importance of road signs for a person opting for a self-drive car hire in Uganda. Are you going for a safari in Uganda? Is it a short wildlife safari Uganda, a gorilla trekking safari Uganda, a Uganda adventure safari or just a wildlife safari Uganda.

Importance of road signs on the road

Road signs help to regulate, warn and guide road users for the safe and efficient movement of traffic.

Categories of road signs

There are four categories of road sign in Australia:

  • regulatory signs
  • warning signs
  • guide signs

1: Regulatory signs

Regulatory signs instruct road users of their legal obligations including speed limits, prohibited or permitted movements at intersections, and parking controls. How do you know these signs? Most of these sign posts are rectangular with a black legend on a white background.

Exceptions to this include:

  • stop signs (octagonal)
  • give way and roundabout signs (triangular)
  • speed restriction signs (symbol enclosed in a red circle)
  • no right-hand turn signs (red slash to indicate the prohibition of a movement)
  • prohibitive parking signs (red legend on a white background)
  • permitted parking signs (green legend on a white background).

2: Warning signs

Warning signs indicate hazards that may not be obvious to the approaching driver. They are a diamond shape with a black legend or symbol on a yellow background to indicate caution.

Warning signs include:

  • advisory speed signs (to negotiate bends safely)
  • advance warning of traffic control devices (such as traffic lights)
  • road conditions (eg slippery when wet).

3: Guide signs

Guide signs inform motorists of:

  • routes
  • direction and distance to destinations
  • points of interest and roadside facilities.

Road signs and placement

Signs and other traffic devices lose effectiveness if used unnecessarily or too frequently, so their use is restricted to the minimum consistent with safety requirements.

Placement of road signs is very important and carefully considered. For signs to be effective they need to:

  • command attention
  • make meaning clear at a glance
  • allow adequate response time.

We urge all road users in chauffer driven vehicles in Uganda, self-drive car hire vehicles in Uganda or any other type of road user or motorist to closely observe the road signs. Do you want to hire a car in Uganda, or rent a car in Uganda for a self-drive? We offer affordable car hire services in Uganda, just contact us for a sweet deal with humble services.

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