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Top cars to hire for Uganda self-drive safaris Uganda- Cars for hire Uganda

>>>>Top cars to hire for Uganda self-drive safaris Uganda- Cars for hire Uganda

Top cars to hire for Uganda self-drive safaris Uganda- Cars for hire Uganda

Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd plans several Uganda safaris, Rwanda safaris, Congo safaris, Kenya safaris, Tanzania safaris as well as safaris in other African countries and around the world to travelers who wish to visit these countries. As a tour and travel agency based in Uganda, we offer our clients a safari of their choice. Some tourists choose to drive their own adventures by renting a 4×4 car in Kampala Uganda while others book a whole trip in Uganda and we offer them a car for their safari Uganda. Our self-drive car rental Uganda department offers car hire Uganda services to tourists and other local people. Below are the popular affordable cars for hire in Uganda/ cars for rent in Uganda for self-drive tours in Uganda.

 Toyota Prado – Cars for hire Uganda

Toyota Prados are the most popular 4×4 cars hired in Uganda for self-drive tours. The Prado cars have several categories including like Prado TX, TZ, GX and 3 Litre Turbo. Our Toyota Prado for hire in Uganda carry up to five people, including the driver. You can rent a Toyota prado in Uganda at an affordable price per day without driver and fuel, and huge discounts are available for long-period rental and during the low season. Our Toyota Prados are very spacious cars for your luggage and camping gear. Because it is a 4×4 car for hire Uganda, it is perfect for driving on the poor road conditions often encountered on the way to some of national parks, and deep in the villages. We have both ordinary and safari vehicles. The Uganda safari vehicles/ cars have a pop-up roof that will reward you with excellent game viewing and photographing opportunities.

Super custom / Hiace van / Minivan – Cars for hire Uganda

This type of car is suitable and comfortable for large group travelers and family vacations. These cars can carry up to 8 people. However, the space for luggage largely depends on the number of people and the number of days you are spending on safari Uganda. If you are taking a long safari, you will definitely carry more luggage compared to when going on a shorter safari. These cars are available in both automatic and manual transmission, some come with a pop-up roof or sun-roof.

Toyota RAV4 – Cars for hire Uganda

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the bestselling compact SUVs used in self-drive rental services in Kampala. We have Rav4s’ available in manual and automatic transmission, with either three or five doors. Its engine is a 1990cc with performs excellently regardless of the weather. It also has extremely low maintenance costs and gets excellent fuel mileage. When the rear seats are folded down, it can offer a cargo volume of vehicles twice its size. This car is recommended for two people or three people for better comfort.

Please note that all of the cars are available for hire without a driver to fulfill your travel dream in Africa. However, first time travelers can rent a car with a driver if they are not used to driving in Africa’s traffic and on the roads

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