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Safety first! Importance of wearing a seat belt in a car – Uganda safari News

>>>>Safety first! Importance of wearing a seat belt in a car – Uganda safari News

Safety first! Importance of wearing a seat belt in a car – Uganda safari News

We mind about your safety while on the road on your Uganda safari or safari in Uganda or road trip in Uganda. Do you want to rent a car in Uganda with us? Is it a self-drive car hire Uganda? Or are you interested in a chauffeur driven car? We always mind about safety of our clients on their Uganda safaris or road trips in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Our transport department gives you safety tips about how you should drive while in Uganda especially those that opt for a self-drive car hire in Uganda.

Why Wearing a Seat belt is Necessary while Driving?

No matter how expensive a car you’re driving may be, no matter how many advanced security features it has, you can never underestimate the worth of a seat belt. If all the nations around the world have made it a norm that every car driver should wear a seat belt while driving for their safety, then it will be wrong if you don’t wear yours.

We know wearing a seat on long rides may seem irritating, but it vital. No matter your expertise in driving, you will be sharing the road with many others who may not have the same experience with you. Not everyone is an expert and abides by the road regulations. During your journey, once in a while you will have to press on the emergency brakes and this is when the worth of seat belts comes handy.

Benefits of wearing a seat belt while in car

Wearing a seat belt is a traffic regulation in every country in the world. Road authorities (traffic officers) are very strict on drivers who don’t like wearing seat belts. If you are caught not wearing a seat belt or wearing it in a negligent manner then you could be pulled over to the sides and will have to pay heavy fines. You will definitely get hurt if you are told to pay the extra expense (fine) and you will get embarrassed too.

When you brake all of a sudden and you are not wearing a seat belt, your face is bound to hit against the windshield. But when you wear the seat belt, it stops this inertia.

The seat belt keeps you in the normal driving posture which keeps you seated. This helps you in case you get an accident, when you remain seated, the injuries are normally minimum. But when the accident happens when your not wearing a seat belt, you may jump out of the car and get lots of injuries.

The seat belt holds passengers tight in one position for example if you take your entire family or friends along with you for a ride. They have a special mechanism whereby it gets locked with a strong impact so the passengers don’t bang themselves against other parts within the car such as doors or the seats in front them or even their neighbors. This movement normally happens when the driver suddenly brakes the gravity will ask you to bang against these objects, but the seat belt disobeys this rule of gravity.

Modern cars have Airbags used as an added security feature for drivers. They are released when there is a collision and protect the driver from banging hard against the steering wheel. But if you do not wear the seat belt then the effectiveness of air bags is minimized. This means, when not wearing a seat belt you will not be in the perfect driving posture required.

Seat belts protect the pregnant women. When you are driving along with your unborn child always wear the seat belt low and right against the abdomen. In case of a car crush, if you remain alert then you may get out of such situations unhurt.

It restrains the strongest parts of the body. For both adults and children, the strongest parts of the body are the hips and shoulders. Seat belts are designed to contact the body at these parts, providing optimum protection.

Seat belts protect your brain and the spinal cord. Seat belts are designed to protect these two critical and vulnerable areas. If you were to hit your head in a crash, it is likely you will suffer a traumatic brain injury. But no matter how minor a head injury might seem, it is crucial to always seek medical attention since they often do not produce immediate symptoms.


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