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Explore Uganda in your 4×4 safari vehicle road trip safari – Uganda safari News

>>, Uganda Safari News>>Explore Uganda in your 4×4 safari vehicle road trip safari – Uganda safari News

Explore Uganda in your 4×4 safari vehicle road trip safari – Uganda safari News

Traveling is one of the best activities adventure travelers enjoy. Yes, there are many means of transport in which you have the choice to choose what you can afford, comfortable with or that which fits into your schedule. For Uganda safaris, you can choose to use air transport organized by your safari planner with the different aircrafts in the country or get there by road. Some tourists always opt for flights to distant park because yes, some safari parks are really distant from the others but here is to why a road safari should be the best option for all tourists on safari in Uganda.

The cost of hiring a 4×4 safari vehicle is definitely cheaper than that of a chartered flight. The popular destination that tourists opt to go to by flight are Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park , Semuliki National Park, Mountain Rwenzori National Park, Kibale National Park, Lake Bunyonyi and Kidepo Valley National Park. On the route to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park by road from Entebbe International Airport, you get the chance to be driven through the bustling capital of Kampala where you get to have a sense of what a capital means here. Continuing with your drive you go past several landscapes, see people do their daily activities just besides the road. Just 80km from Kampala, you have the chance to stop at the equator line in Kayabwe. This is the center point of the world; the equator divides the world into the northern and southern hemisphere. Here you undertake a geographical experience on the forces of the earth like how you lose 3kg when you stand on the equator line and regain them on either side of the line. Here you can also have time to view crafts in the shops at the equator.

Continuing to the southern hemisphere, you are welcomed by a beautiful peneplain of the Kigezi highlands and the long horned Ankole cattle. 12k to Mbarara town, you stop at Igongo cultural centre where you have traditional lunch as you taste from the different dishes of western Uganda. You then continue on a drive along beautiful backdrops on a good tarmacked road to your safari accommodation. There’s no better way of getting closer to these beautiful en route stop points and have close views of the people than by road.

On the long hours 12 hours’ drive to Kidepo Valley National Park, if you take the Eastern direction, you have the chance to drive through Kampala city, Mabira forest and the beautiful road to Jinja with sugar and tea plantations on both sides. Towards Jinja town, you cross the newly stayed Source of the Nile bridge. Here you can stop for a Jinja source of the Nile tour, at the source of the world’s longest river-River Nile before continuing with your drive east. In Kapchorwa district, you visit the Sipi falls which are known as the most beautiful falls in the country. After the Sipi falls hike you can break your journey by spending a night at a preferred lodging facility close. You continue with the drive to the heart of Kidepo valley going past Moroto town where you can have a cultural tour to the Karamojong people and discover more on this “un touched” culture.

A side from what you miss out on a road safari in Uganda, there other good reasons for hiring a safari vehicle for your trip.

When you hire a safari vehicle from a safari company, it comes along with a Uganda safari driver guide who takes you throughout the trip. These guides are fluent in English and in any need for a translator one can always be hired. Their knowledge and professionalism make your being at close view of different features more meaningful because you get to know the little details of your safari whether gorilla trekking or a wildlife tour and these little additions are what makes the trip more colorful.

Amazingly for intrepid travelers, you can opt to go for a self-drive safari around the country as long as you hire the right car for your trip or group.

If you are worried of the comfort of traveling by road because the vehicle, here is what a safari vehicle in Uganda looks like;

Safari vehicles are designed with maximum possible comfort on Uganda’s up country bumpy and dusty roads. A 4×4 safari Land cruiser is the best option for tourists traveling up country for a Uganda wildlife safari or even for a gorilla trekking safari.

Safari vehicles are equipped with comfortable seats, a first aid kit, windows, and storage for your luggage. This makes your travel more comfortable rather than traveling by public means. In addition, every passenger has their own window seat for proper aeration and comfort.

For wildlife viewing, safari vehicles have a pop-up roof that allows a 360-degree during your game drive on your and making photography easier. Whether you go to the park by air, within the park, you will still use road transport to connect to the park and hotel. Each safari vehicle is equipped with an inverter and extension so you can charge your electronics while on the move.

Safari vehicles go through regular maintenance checks that include oil checks, fluid checks, electronics checking, new tires (if necessary), and any additional maintenance. This makes the travel safer.




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