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Essential things that should not miss in your car – Self-drive car hire Uganda/ rent a car in Uganda

>>, Safari News>>Essential things that should not miss in your car – Self-drive car hire Uganda/ rent a car in Uganda

Essential things that should not miss in your car – Self-drive car hire Uganda/ rent a car in Uganda

You may be owning a car, renting a car in Uganda for a self-drive or hiring a car for a safari in Uganda but question is, do you know what shouldn’t miss in your car. Some of us keep absolutely nothing in our car trunks, while others have all what is required in their car. “Always be prepared!”  That’s the Boy Scout motto.  Many people or car drivers keep their tools at home but it is wise to keep your tools in the car because many get car breakdowns while away from home. Prime safaris & Tours Ltd is ready to give you tips of on what should not miss out in your car as you set out on the road for a drive.

Tools needed in case of a Car breakdown and maintenance

There is nothing that stresses like a car breakdown and realize you don’t have the tools to bail you out of the situation. This can totally ruin your self-drive tour in Uganda or journey but if you have the following in your car, it becomes easy to help yourself or be helped.

  • Spare tire, wheel spanner and a car jack

Have a spare tire in a good condition along with a tire jack and wheel spanner, because without them it is very hard for someone else to help you with a spare tire but very easy for someone to help you fix it on.

  • Jumper cables

Jumper cables are also very essential to have in a car because dead batteries happen to the best of us. When your car gets battery issues, you may be helped by a good Samaritan to jump start your car if you have the emergency battery boosters. Someone may be ready to help you but he may not have the cables so they are very important to have them in the car.

Safety and Survival

The first thing you must look at before you start the car is your safety, whether your driving alone, with family or friends. You should always have the following in your car

  • A First Aid Kit

This first aid kit serves as a basic resource and means of assistance in case someone is injured until further medical help arrives, or until you are taken for further medication. This kit will also help you treat minor injuries that do not require trained medical assistance, such as minor cuts.

  • A Fire extinguisher

A small filled Fire extinguisher. Keeping a fire extinguisher in your vehicle can help prevent a small fire from becoming unmanageable.

  • Quality sun glasses

Quality sun glasses are used to protect the human eyes from being destroyed by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation that hits your eyes while driving.  This radiation can lead to short-term and long-term ocular problems such as cataracts, blindness and various forms of eye cancer.  So, wear sunglasses when you are driving in sunlight.

  • Functioning seat belt

It has been proven that wearing a seat belt reduces the rate of serious injuries and deaths in car crashes by 50%. One of the main reasons seatbelts are so helpful is that they prevent people from being ejected from the car during a crash.

  • Seat belt cutter and window breaker

You may get stuck in the car and you need to cut your seat belt incase it jams or need to break the window if the car locks itself.

  • Reflective triangles

Reflective triangles are so important incase you get a breakdown along the way. It may bring people to give you a hand or prevent you from getting hit at the side of the road in the dark because people normally slowdown.

  • Work Gloves

Human hands are covered with fragile skin just like the rest of the body.  Sometimes you need to use your hands to accomplish a task that requires a durability threshold beyond that of your exposed skin. That’s when you need to use these work gloves.

For the best of your health

  • Hand Sanitizer

Because there isn’t a sink and a bar of soap conveniently located in your car.  In my mind, hand sanitizer is a tool, a tool that prevents you from infecting your body with germs on a daily basis.  Keep yourself healthy regularly especially before you eat.

  • Paper towels/ hand towels

These help you clean your hands after eating or dust the car incase it gets dirty.

  • Tissue or roll of toilet paper

You may need to use it in the washroom or help your kid incase they want to go to the washroom.

In addition to the basics above, you also need to keep these things around also:

  • Flash light

This may help you incse you get a car breakdown at night and you need light.

  • Umbrella

It may begin pouring when you have already started your journey to somewhere and you may be required to park and walk a distance so to prevent this, you need an umbrella to help you get wet.

  • Reusable shopping bag

This will help you in case you need to go shopping.

  • USB mobile charger

This helps you keep your phone on at all times and this helps you communicate to people or family whenever you need them so no need to worry about the battery.

My drafted list isn’t an exhaustive one, and your needs might vary. While some may see them as many but this stuff doesn’t take up too much space and you will surely need any of them some day.

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