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Why you need to use a Safari Vehicle while on a safari in Uganda

>>>>Why you need to use a Safari Vehicle while on a safari in Uganda

Why you need to use a Safari Vehicle while on a safari in Uganda

Are you interested in a Tour in Uganda and you are stuck about which type of Vehicle to use or hire on your safari Uganda? The answer is right here, use a safari vehicle or Hire a car in Uganda that is customized for safari. If you don’t know how to drive, you will be given a car with a driver guide for those interested in self drive car hire Uganda.

Importance of safari vehicles to tourists on safaris in Uganda

Your safety and comfort are extremely important to us here Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd. We have a big fleet of Uganda Rwanda safari vehicles. Our fleet of safari vehicles were specifically designed to handle the rigors of a true African safari. Our vehicles are designed with maximum possible comfort on Africa’s dusty and often bumpy roads.

Our safari vehicles have 4×4 wheel drive that is meant to handle rough terrain. Most roads that lead to safari destinations are characterized with rough roads however with our vehicles, we guarantee you a good journey.

Our fleet for Uganda safari vehicles is equipped with comfortable seats, a first aid kit, windows, and storage space so you don’t have to be worried about bringing all of your luggage along for the ride.

In addition, every passenger has their own window seat for proper aeration and comfort.

These safari vehicles have pop top roof allows for 360-degree game viewing during your game drive on your Uganda wildlife safari.

Each safari vehicle is equipped with an inverter and extension so you can charge your electronics while on the move.

Our safari vehicles go through regular maintenance checks that include oil checks, fluid checks, electronics checking, new tires (if necessary), and any additional maintenance necessitated by Africa’s often unforgiving roads. We usually do this after every safari.

It may surprise some people that the secret to a great safari lies not in your specific itinerary, lodge selection, or season of travel. On the contrary, the key to success lies in the skills, passion, hard work, and competency of your driver-guide.

For those that book safaris with us are given driver guides. All of our safari guides are fluent in both English and Swahili, and have received training at schools such about our wildlife to ensure they have the best working knowledge of African wildlife, plant-life, and bird life. Studying this makes them excellent at knowing where to find the animals you’re looking for, and they’ll make it their main goal to ensure you spot the animal you’re most excited to see.



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