Cheap self-drive car hire rental to a destination of choice!

 cheap car hire rentalSelf-drive car hire rental Uganda offers cheap car hire rental services to clients who wish to have a self-drive rental car in Uganda and affordable cars for hire Uganda. No matter why you are traveling to Uganda on your safari Uganda, to Kampala for a city tour, you can count on our fleet of new rental cars to get you there in comfort. Are you looking for a small or medium car vehicle, a roomy family car, a luxury vehicle rental car for hire Uganda, our friendly staff at our offices will help you with the whole booking process so you just get ready for the day.

Why do you need our cheap car hire rental services?

cheap car hire rentalHaving your own self-drive car hire rented vehicle on your Uganda safari gives you all the independence required for a convenient trip that is tailored to your needs. While in your own car, you will have liberty to visit Uganda’s popular tourist attractions as per your own schedule. Not only will you be able to drive to the popular tourist destination, but you will completely be open to driving somewhere else as you wish. Our car hire services Uganda Rwanda Tanzania are tailored to smartly plan vehicles for hire in Uganda according to the places you are going to visit.

cheap car hire rentalThere is a multitude of choice when it comes to cheap car rental in Kampala Uganda. Our car can be hired depending on hours, daily, weekly, monthly depending on the option that sucheap car hire rentalits you best. We offer holiday car rental in Kampala and beyond, as well as options suitable for weekend and business trips. We professionally advise you on the type of vehicle to hire depending on the place you have planned for your personalized road trip across Uganda. Due to our road conditions outside Kampala, we offer 4×4 safari Land cruisers, 4×4 safari vans, 4×4 min vans, 4×4 extended safari land cruisers depending on your choice of selection.

Make your booking today and get ready to hit the road as soon as you arrive in Uganda! We deliver our cars to your preferred destination.






A self-drive car hire rental road trip across the iconic longest single plane cable configuration in the entire African Continent- New Jinja Nile

Self drive car hire rental

                   New Jinja Bridge

Do you know how interesting a self-drive road trip can be? has it ever crossed your mind? Most times, in our day-to-day lives, we often find ourselves just driving along bridges without conscience. Sometimes, we are on the road; either running late for a meeting, going home from work, going for a Uganda safari or whatever the case may be. And other times, you are in a terrible traffic jam from and all you can think of is getting to your destination.

Here comes a thought for you! If you are curious, you might have thought to yourself ‘which bridge is the longest in Uganda? It is okay if you don’t know before now, we have brought you the New Jinja bridge, now the longest bridge in Uganda. Once complete the new first cable-stayed bridge in East Africa as well as Japan’s newest landmark in Uganda in a long a time. The bridge has been constructed by Zenitaka Corporation Company of Japan and it just looks like the Suez Canal at El-Qantara also built by the japanese.

Self drive car hire rentalThe New Jinja Bridge, referred to now as the second Nile bridge or the New Nile Bridge, is a bridge that has been constructed to replace the Nalubaale bridge, which was built in 1954. Don’t miss hiring a self-drive car hire rental for a self-drive during your Uganda safari tour to Jinja and far away. It is located on the proposed Kampala-Jinja Expressway, approximately 82 kilometers (51 mi), by road, east of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

Don’t be afraid of traffic jam as it was, the new bridge is made up of a four-lane dual highway with pedestrian sidewalks. It will be the longest bridge in Uganda at 525 metres (1,722 ft) long and 22.9 metres (75 ft) wide. The feasibility studies were conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Self drive car hire rentalThe Bridge is an iconic longest single plane cable configuration in the entire African Continent. The 525-metre-long bridge has a central span of 290 metres, end spans of 135 metres and 100 metres on the east and west banks respectively.   The overall width of the Bridge is 22.9 metres wide. It has a dual traffic lane 7.0 metres wide with a pedestrian walk way of 2.25 metres wide on both ends. For security at night, the Bridge will have lighting facilities.

The official commissioning of the completed bridge planned for 17 October 2018 so don’t miss out on the being among the first people to do a road trip and self-drive on the road. Are you worried that you may miss out? We have cars for hire; 4×4 Rav 4’s, 4×4 safari vans, 4×4 mini vans, 4×4 super customs, 4×4 land cruisers, saloon cars among the many. We do self-drive car hire rentals in Uganda Rwanda Kenya and Tanzania so don’t miss out on this great opportunity.


Rent a car in Uganda – Cheap affordable cars for rent in Uganda

Cheap affordable cars for rent

                       Car for hire

Want to rent a car in Uganda? You have come to the right place for the best money saving rental and affordable car deals.

Self-drive car hire rentals Uganda and Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd offer the most affordable, reliable, mechanically trusted cheap car hire services in Uganda. Our company has a big fleet of comfortable cars available for hire in Uganda. Our fleet ranges from ranging from 4×4 safari vans, Rav 4s, 4×4 Safari Landcruiser, saloon cars, 4×4 Mini-buses, and Coaster Vans.

We offer reliable car rental Uganda services such as chauffeur driven car, airport pickups and drop offs, self-drive Uganda safaris. We extend our car hire rental services to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania as well. Depending on what our client wishes to have, we can adjust your car rental needs based on your travel plans and budget

All our car hire Uganda rates are fully inclusive of insurance and local taxes. We have you covered with great rates and outstanding customer service from the time you contact us until the day of delivery. Our services are a great for frequent business travelers, sole travelers, vacation travelers, honeymoon travelers, group travelers as well as families. Reserve our best online rates in just 60 seconds with our One-Click booking features. The rate you reserve for your rental car is the rate you pay.

Why choose us?

Cheap affordable cars for rent

                           Car for rent

Our cars are available for car hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be delivered at Entebbe International Airport, in Kampala and other locations in major towns in Uganda. We reserve inspect it and make sure it is in a good mechanical condition on the day of deliver with all the spare parts you need. When our client gets a mechanical problem, we have solutions to every problem, we make sure you are helped.

With our friendly staff ready to help you reserve your car, at affordable rates, we provide probably the most efficient rent-a-car service in Uganda. Get an instant low cost car hire by simply contacting us.


Self-drive car hire rental Uganda- Cheap car hire rental Uganda

We hire safe and reliable cars to our clients at affordable/ cheap car hire rental Uganda rates

Do you want to hire a car in Uganda? Or Are you are looking for quality and affordable car hire/rental services in Uganda? Look no further, we are the right company to trust! Self-drive car hire rentals Uganda offers the most affordable/cheap car hire rental Uganda costs, reliable cars, and the best car hire services in Uganda.

Our booked cars can be delivered at Entebbe International Airport if you are flying in the country, Kampala, Jinja or in all nearby town locations in Uganda. We also do extended car hire rental services to Kigali in Rwanda, Nairobi in Kenya and Tanzania as well. We have a good fleet of vehicles that are mechanically well maintained. Our company has Rav 4’s, saloon cars, mini buses, mini vans, ordinary Land cruisers, Toyota super customs, 4-wheel drive cars, and customized safari vehicles.

Our company has a solution to a given number of people and every occasion as well. Rent a car Uganda or hire a Uganda with us if you are on a Uganda holiday, a Uganda safari vacation or transfer from one destination to another with flexibly. Our cheap car hire rental Uganda services are very safe, convenient, reliable, affordable/cheap and appropriate for all kinds of people worldwide who wish to travel around Uganda.

We provide our clients with required information and quality services as they require. In case of emergencies or breakdowns, we always render help to our esteemed clients so they don’t get stuck anywhere.

How to book with us- Cheap car hire rental Uganda

Self-drive car hire rentals Uganda makes the entire car hire rental process easy. Our clients are free to write an email requesting for car details or just give us a call which makes reservation and inquiries very simple for your car hire Uganda. Whether on a Uganda safari vacation, holiday in Uganda, Uganda adventure safari, recreation and business or just fun. Self-drive car hire rental services are ready to offer you the best car rental services throughout your stay in Uganda even in cases of emergencies. The prices we charge for our car rentals are fair enough to suite all kinds of clients depending on one’s tastes and preferences or according to a certain vehicle.


Affordable self-drive cars for hire in Uganda – Self-drive car hire rentals Uganda

Looking for a self-drive car for hire in Uganda? Welcome to self-drive car hire rentals Uganda, Uganda’s best 4WD rentals experts and specialists that have been leading company for a long time. We are a Uganda car hire rental agency that offers personal services to travelers interested in exploring Uganda, the Pearl of Africa on their Uganda safaris at their own pace.

We have done car hire for over 10 years and we have offered the best car hire services to travelers interested in safaris Uganda. We offer cheap self-drive cars for hire in both Uganda and Rwanda. Our independent self-drive tour program gives travelers freedom to travel and explore Uganda as they wish however it is limited to the days booked. Traveler are free to visit Uganda’s National Parks, visit Uganda’s precious mountain gorillas, Uganda’s peaceful villages and recreation places by car. We guarantee your travel experience will be easy and stress free throughout your holiday as long as you have all the driving requirements with you.

Are you using Entebbe International Airport as your entry point in Uganda, no worries, we shall deliver the car at the airport s you can enjoy traveling through Uganda’s spectacular scenery in your self-drive car rental Uganda.

Most popular cars – Cheap self-drive car hire in Uganda

For city tours

  • Rav 4s
  • Ordinary Land Cruisers
  • Costas
  • Vans

For Uganda safari tours

  • 4×4 safari Land Cruisers
  • 4×4 safari vans
  • 4×4 Costas
  • 4×4 Safari Van

Requirements needed to hire a car in Uganda

  • Valid passport or National ID Photocopy
  • Valid driving Permit
  • You must be meeting the age requirement; for any one to drive in Uganda, he/she must be 18 years and above. But our company wants people that are at least 25 years and above.
  • Payment receipt for the car hire

Book with us and you wont regret our services!

Why you need a driver guide if you are a visitor hiring a car in Uganda

Self-drive car hire rentals Uganda are interesting, however, it is a bit more challenging than other in other East African countries. The best option however is to hire a car and a driver. Don’t not also just hire a car in Uganda, but a well-maintained vehicle and a safe driver that follows the rules.

We have two types of drivers so the choice is yours. We have ordinary drivers and driver guides. An ordinary driver will just have the right to drive you and not to know the destination where you are going while our driver guides know have been to almost every corner of East Africa and know the twists and turns of every Uganda safari destination, and feel a concern for the comfort of our client. Driver guides go ahead to give lots of information about places than ordinary drivers.

Rent a car in Uganda and a driver guide then have him take you to any destination as planned. If you opt for a self-drive car rental Uganda, you self-drive, using all the road maps, and drive to your chosen destination but how will you be when you get there? You need to move with someone who knows places so as to enjoy your trip. Supposing the car breaks down in the middle of the journey, are you going to drop it on the roadside and find another one? Simply hire a vehicle and a driver and enjoy your Uganda safari tour. But if you hire a 4×4 car in Uganda, well serviced and in a good mechanical condition, you probably won’t have any breakdown problems. Fuel is available all around the country since petrol stations are well distributed.

Ugandan drivers are very aggressive especially in Kampala especially during traffic Jam, but you pretty much won’t see any traffic outside of the city. In towns especially Kampala, your vehicle is just centimeters away from other vehicles, traffic laws exist but are ignored by Ugandan drivers. People pass on any side of you especially taxis and boda-bodas (motorbikes).

If you are a visitor, you may not be able or equipped to handle a vehicle in the Ugandan traffic where the biggest vehicle wins. For visitors, self-drive safaris in Uganda are good if you know the character of Ugandans and the roads as well.


Enjoy your road trip using self drive car rentals in Uganda safaris

One of the most exciting Uganda safari activities in Uganda is taking a road trip. Taking a road trip with your friends or family is the most excellent way to relieve stress and forget your troubles for a while, and to make some affectionate memories along the way on your Uganda safari tour. At least one road trip in a lifetime is essential before you can truly feel that you understand your country better. Here is how to rejuvenate your spirit by hitting the road.

There are several car rentals in Uganda that offer self-drive car hire rentals to people that have driving qualifications.

Tips on how to have a successful road trip self drive car rental Uganda

Consider which people you would like to come with you on your adventurous journey. Normally a road trip needs people who want some fun, and willing to have it. They need to be prepared to be stuck in the car for hours at a time when you just keep on driving along the road. The best way to choose people to move with are those that are willing to drive at some point along the way with the obvious exception of children.

Get an idea of how long your trip will be, and the types of places people may want to visit. If there are particular must-do visits, find out times of opening, dates of special events, and the accommodation needs. These need to be planned before you set off for the tour.

Check the car you’re going to rent before you set off your journey. Your most important element of a road trip is your car, which needs to be both reliable to the places you’re going to, fuel efficient, and safe as well. Obviously, start with a car in top working order and have it serviced before leaving. Spending most of the road trip stuck in a garage won’t be fun, so spare yourself time and ensure the car is checked first. Once you’re satisfied the car’s in great shape, you have one big weight off your mind. Check the spare tire too and a car Jake as well.

If your journey is not taking a day, pack supplies. These may include food, sleeping items, clothing, and water are essentials to add to your packing so that you’re self-reliant. Be sure to wear and take comfortable clothing as you’ll be sitting for long periods and time and you don’t want to feel hot and constricted.

Take care while doing a self-drive in Uganda. A self-drive road trip is an awesome experience but don’t drive dangerously or thoughtlessly. Never overtake on blind bends or hills, no matter how confident you start feeling as you keep on driving. Rest if you’re tired and let another person take on driving.

Keep a record of your road trip. Finally, but not least, keep your memories of the road trip alive for the rest of your life by documenting it in digital like using photos and written form like recording in your diary. Take pictures no matter where you are or what you’re doing, so you don’t regret not taking pictures of your experiences. If you also have the energy to write down your feelings, do that too. All of these memories will bring the trip back to you in years to come.

Bring a car charger for your cell phone so you don’t miss out on taking photos for memories.

Make sure you see as many fun sites as possible and have a great time!


  • Don’t continue driving when you are tired. Short-term sleep (even if it lasts only 1 or 2 seconds) can lead to fatal car accidents. Don’t risk it.
  • Don’t drive so far that you can’t afford to get back.
  • While not knowing where you’ll end up is part of the fun, be sure you at least have a general idea of how you’ll get back home, or you could be in trouble.
  • Avoid picking up strangers. It’s dangerous and can end badly.
  • Be alert all the time to possible problems. Don’t overstate anything but be aware of possible dangers from animals on the road to people stealing things from you.
  • Follow all road rules/regulations when traveling to a particular country for the first time ever. You want to be safe and still have your fun, and that includes wearing your seat-belt.
  • Set a budget and stick with it. Set aside a given amount of money to help you on your journey



Hiring a car is a better option for your safari in Uganda or Rwanda

                      Safari Land cruiser

Our Uganda Safari cars for hire are efficiently maintained, inspected by SGS therefore quality is guaranteed. The cars are also serviced regularly to ensure they are in a perfect mechanical condition suitable for client services. This is to ensure they can move to all destinations in a perfect condition which minimizes vehicle breakdowns.

Hiring a car with us on your safari in Uganda comes along with a knowledgeable well-trained driver who will help get you to all your desired destinations as well as providing all the necessary information along the way. Guiding you to your desired destination is impossible when you use public means.

Renting our cars allows our clients safari Uganda at their own pace. With cars hire rentals Uganda, there is an added advantage of stop overs along the way as you wish. To get to each national treasure point in Uganda Rwanda, there are several other beautiful spots along the way where one may want to stop. When using public means, it becomes costly stopping at each spot and continuing again using another means of transport.

Safari cars for hire in Uganda and Rwanda are in most cases hired from tour operators. This guarantees you a safe tour since there is effective communication and help in case of any breakdown of emergency problem.

                       4×4 Van for hire

We mind about safety of our clients. Our Uganda Safari/field vehicles are equipped with first aid boxes and mobile phones to ensure direct communication with our offices.  For more convenience, we give our clients the company phone contacts and email address for easy communication as they are in the field.

Are you interested in a self-drive? Then hiring a self-drive car in Uganda is possible. This enables you enjoy convenience of traveling at your own pace. However, a self-drive car hire Uganda service is only granted to people that know how to drive and have valid driving permits. A self-drive is also recommended when your knowledgeable of the destination you are going to.

Our cars for hire include additional benefits like breakdown assistance in case of any occurrence plus comprehensive insurance. That’s why we have the best car hire services Uganda.

We 4×4 safari Land cruisers for hire, 4×4 safari tour vans for rent, saloon cars, 4×4 Rav 4s for hire, 4×4 buses for rent, 4×4 extended safari land cruisers, Mini buses rentals in Uganda and 4×4 mini coasters for rent.


Why people have chosen to hire our safari vehicles/cars!

Wondering how to get around for adventure! No need to worry, we’ve got you covered. Traveling to the most fascinating Uganda safari destinations is more convenient using a 4×4 safari Land cruiser for hire in Uganda because of the terrain.

What makes our  car hire Uganda rental services special?

Safety first! Our Uganda safari/field vehicles are well equipped with first aid boxes and fire extinguishers in case anything happens on your trip/safari/tour.

We bring our hired car to the destination of your choice. Do you want it at the airport? At your home? We always make our clients comfortable by delivering the car.

Our vehicles are efficiently maintained, inspected and serviced regularly after every trip. This is regularly done to transport all our clients and tourists from their various locations.

Our safari cars have charging inverters so your phone battery or camera battery should not be your worry.

Our vehicles have been inspected by SGS therefore quality I guaranteed. We always stick the SGS sticker on the vehicle.

We also rent out self-drive car rentals in Uganda and Rwanda enabling you enjoy the convenience of moving at your own pace.

For more convenience, we give you our phone contacts and email address so as to remain accessible in case of need.

Prime safaris & Tours Ltd cars for hire in Uganda Rwanda include additional benefits like breakdown assistance in case of any occurrence plus comprehensive insurance.

Our cars have luggage spaces in the boot and racks on the safari vans so that our clients don’t have to sit in discomfort.

We offer the best discounted price quotes whether for Uganda safari trips or personal business self-drive Uganda tours within Uganda or Rwanda and have the best of comfort during a thrilling Uganda safari.

Give us the chance to serve you and you wont regret!


Safari Uganda with a 4×4 Land Cruiser

Are you looking for a comfortable Uganda safari car to use while in Uganda? Well this will work well for you. This is a 4×4 land cruiser extended suitable for an African safari. The safari car has a low fuel consumption, popup roof and full time four-wheel drive. This is the best for all journeys including your chosen safari desired destination.

We have customized 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser cars for hire in Uganda. These vehicles are designed to tackle the challenging Uganda Rwanda Tanzania and Kenya safari Terrain.

4×4 Land Cruiser

Our Toyota safari 4×4 Land cruiser vehicles are fitted with 4.2 litre engines and have relaxed seating arrangement, an open top or pop-up roof. These are just perfect Uganda Rwanda Tanzania and Kenya wildlife safari experiences.

The strong build and large capacity of the Land Cruiser makes it suitable for any purpose. Safari Land Cruiser are also used for various Wildlife photography as well as for aid work. Whatever your requirement about a car, you can be sure that the Land Cruiser will be the perfect choice for you.

The 4×4 Landcruiser has 8 cushioned passenger seats that give you round views of scenery and wildlife. Each person in the vehicle has a window seat to view wildlife. Our Safari vehicle have fuel tanks to ensure you go for long trips without worrying fuel may run out.

Game viewing hatches and additional safari customization such as cooler boxes to carry drinks. Comfortable reclining seats. Load compensating suspension for a smooth ride on rough roads. The Safari Land cruiser for rental has double spare wheels and 5 doors for easy access.

On rental, we offer it with a driver and you fuel it. It can accommodate up to 8 people including the driver. It’s recommended for large luxury safari groups or families. If you have a safari Uganda booked with us, we offer the car at the safari rate we have agreed about.

Our safari Land Cruiser car is available for self-drive for drivers with international driving license. Its recommended for those going up country, game drives and other places with poor terrain. Its price comes with a driver.

Our Safari Guides

Our Uganda safari driver guides who are extensively trained, qualified and experienced. Their knowledge extents over virtually everything you will encounter on your safaris Uganda; the wildlife, flora and fauna, the birdlife, the people and the local people and their culture as well.