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A self-drive Uganda safari for a Jinja day tour

Can you drive? Come let’s try a self-drive safari in Uganda for a day trip in Jinja. Jinja is located east of Kampala. If you want to go by a self-drive car, the driving distance between Jinja and Kampala is 84km taking a drive of about 2and a half hours. Jinja offers interesting and adventurous safari activities like white-water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, mountain biking and river boarding.

White water rafting in Jinja

Safari Uganda to East Africa’s adrenaline capital; Jinja for the best Africa adventure safaris. Jinja is home to some of the world’s finest grade 5 white water rafting on the world’s longest river Nile.

River Nile has been developed into a world-class rafting destination. The Nile river possess some of the most prevailing and constant rapids on earth. River Nile’s powerful volume of water generates awful rapids that provide an unforgettable rafting experience comparable to that of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. The White Nile has up to 7 times the volume of the Zambezi.

White water rafting is widely regarded as the finest one-day Uganda safari activity on planet earth. White water rafting is high on many people’s list of things to do in Uganda. This is the safest and most popular expedition down the Nile. White water rafting is exciting, challenging fabulous rapids in the hands of those who know the river best. White water rafting is perfect for Uganda adventure safari for first-timers, families and high adventure fanatics.

The stretch of the Nile used for rafting covers around 30km with rapids ranging from grade 1 – 6 although the rafts only go down grades 1 to 5. River Nile gives you beautiful views of wildlife normally spotted along the river during rafting as well as many species of birds, monitor lizards, fish, as well as local fisherman in their dugout canoes.

Interested in milder experiences! Here is a package for kids and family to enjoy

For the young, old, families or not so adventurous, this is a great trip for anyone who wants to have a milder rafting experience known as the family float.
This is the ideal trip for anyone who wants to enjoy the natural beauty of this impressive lake and river system, but don’t want to do any of the big rapids.

Do clients require experience?

Clients do not need any earlier rafting experience. The guides train the clients on all parts of safety and organize them for a memorable experience. Be among the first to be familiar with the incredible adventure and excitement of the Nile water rafting from this point of Bujagali falls.

Safety first

While rafting is a dangerous sport, these rafting operations have been made as safe as possible. Rafting the Nile has 100% safety records. Every grade 3 and grade 5 trip has safety kayaks and a safety raft, with expert guides who are first aid trained. Clients can enjoy the rafting knowing that they are in the safest hands.

Top quality safety equipments and highly qualified and experienced guides run the largest rapids possible. These include; a life jacket and safety helmet as well giving them a comprehensive safety briefing.



What we would like you to know before you rent a car with us!

We offer car hire services. Are you looking for a car to hire in Uganda? Do you often hire a car for use? Thinking about renting a car in Uganda to go for a simple journey! Vacation! Or holiday! Well we got the right deal for you. Here is the best and cheap deal on that?

However, hiring a car in Uganda is simple and an easy process that can be done by anyone. But take caution before you hire it. Do you why? Follow the steps below and you wont regret.

What type of car do you want to hire?

We allow you choose the type of car you would wish to use. What type of car you want? Do this depending on the number of people you would wish to travel with. The reason we ask you this is that we can also advise you on the type of car to use basing on the number of people you have told us.

Where are you going with this car?

We normally ask about the places where you will be taking the car because it enables us to know if the car will help you or not. We normally advise our clients to use 4×4 wheel drive cars if they are going in very far places and places with bad roads.

When do you need the car?

A client normally has to tell us when they wish to use the car. This enables us know if the car will be available on that date or not. And if yes, we record and make sure it is inspected before you take it so that it is in a condition.

We shall then tell you more steps of how you hire a car with us

First, we tell you where we are located and more about the car you are going to use. This is the time we negotiate about the price you will hire the car. Then the requirements we may need before you hire the car.

A client may also be required to agree on some terms and conditions such as who is to fuel the vehicle and where to find the vehicle or let us know the location where we must deliver the vehicle. Do you want to rent a car with a driver in Uganda? Or do you want a self-drive car hire in Uganda Rwanda?

Check and organize your documents.

Check you self and see if you have all the documents you have been asked for that are needed to hire a car. These may include the passport, a driving license, a National ID and other identification documents that you may be required to hand in before they handover the car to you.

Here comes the final step

After coming to a conclusion with the terms and conditions, checking all your details and agreeing to the rates. A client can finalize and go for the booking. If a client works in this plan, the booking process will never put him on tension and therefore he will never go wrong. Rent a car in Uganda with us and you wont regret. We have got the best deal perfect for you!